Your Guide to the Best Analytics App for Instagram [2024 Updated]

Did you know that 95 percent of retail brands use social media for marketing? Whether you’re in the retail space or any other industry, it’s not even a question of if your brand exists online anymore. To survive and thrive, you have to be on social media.

Here are the best analytics apps for Instagram.

The 411: The Analytics Apps You Need for Growth

Analytics apps are a dime a dozen. Here are the ones that will provide the most insight so you can better understand your audience.

Sprout Social: The All-in-One Veteran

Instagram analytics tool Sprout Social

Sprout Social’s original claim to fame was as a social media management platform, but its analytics are powerful enough now to write home about.

The little green leaf does it all, from tracking posts and follower engagement to recommending posting times based on the platform you’re using.

Marketing teams can quantify their social impact by tracking trending hashtags and ad campaigns and comparing profile performance amongst Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, X, and more.

Drive social growth by reporting on team and campaign performance, identify top posts, and track comments, likes, and engagement with ease. From profile performance to competitor tracking, individual post performance, and insights about individual social profiles, you’ll gain valuable data and identify opportunities to fine-tune your strategy.

Iconosquare: The Up-and-Coming Choice

Curious about the success of individual posts, follower growth, or engagement rate during certain times? Iconosquare provides this and much more.

Instagram analytics tool Iconosquare

If you aren’t sure why your Reel isn’t going viral or your Stories aren’t getting the reach you expect, Iconosquare’s intelligent data and reporting can fill in the blanks.

Iconosquare integrates with Instagram, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and TikTok to provide businesses with a big-picture view of their social performance. Generate custom reports based on desired time periods to track performance and chart over 100 critical metrics, including follower growth and engagement rate. You can also set up a competitor benchmark report to monitor and compare other social profiles with your own.

Armed with powerful data and insights about what your audience enjoys, your monthly content calendar practically writes itself.

Metricool: The New Trendy Option

As an avid Instagram user, you may find that Stories and Reels are often more important than posts these days. While posts are not obsolete by any means, engagement with the platform’s newer features often leads to more visibility.

Metricool specializes in analytics for these newer features to provide brands with vital data about engagement, impressions, and their audience’s demographics.

Instagram analytics tool Metricool

Access data including follower growth, post engagement, ad performance, and more. Metrics will tell you which posts and formats resonate best with your audience, which hashtags strike gold, what time of day to post, and who your followers are.

Armed with this information, social media managers will be able to craft a more tailored strategy, creating and scheduling content further in advance, and improving productivity along the way.

Instagram Insights: Basic Insights

Naturally, Instagram offers a basic analytics platform to provide information about the number of people who saw your posts, profile visitors, and when your followers are online.

Instagram analytics tool Insights

Instagram Insights provides data on the trends your followers are interacting with, content performance (including Stories, Reels, videos, and Live videos), and how your audience engages with each type of content you produce. Data includes accounts reached, accounts engaged, content interactions, video plays, and more.

Using these analytics, you can adjust your social strategy to include more of the content that your audience prefers, saving you time and energy.

If you’re looking for anything that extends beyond the basics of the behavior of your followers, you’ll want to extend past the app’s in-house insights. But for an inside look at your Instagram performance, Insights is a great place to start. 

Emphasize Engagement, Not Just Followers

If you aren’t building a community of followers who care about your brand or what you’re posting, you’ll never get the engagement you need. An engaged audience will like and comment on your posts, re-share your content, and even purchase the products you sell.

What constitutes solid engagement on Instagram?

  • Likes and favorites
  • Comments, DMs, replies
  • Shares or reposts
  • Saves

Remember: to grow your Instagram, you need an engaged community that supports your brand, not just random followers.

Here’s why you want your audience to engage with your brand on Instagram.

  • Increase and improve brand awareness
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Stay top of mind against your competitors 
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Collect valuable feedback from your customers and audience
  • Reach a larger audience with less budget

With the end goal being massive social media growth and success, what do you have to lose?

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