The Ultimate Guide to Sales Leadership Courses

If you work in sales, you’ll know one thing for sure — the market has become oversaturated and competitive. 

In this new, fast-paced world, the only people crushing it are effective leaders who inspire, motivate, and empower their teams to drive performance that achieves business goals.

To become an exceptional sales leader, you must stay ahead of the curve through continuous learning and upskilling. In this guide, we’ll cut through the noise to reveal the top sales leadership courses available online, offering insights into their content, benefits, and what you can expect to gain from each.

Why Invest in Sales Leadership Training?

As a business leader, you know that your team is the lifeline of your organization. They’re the ones at the forefront, driving revenue and growth. But how equipped are they with the skills needed to succeed out there?

Sales leadership courses are more than just expenses; they’re an investment that can pay dividends to your business, a fact affirmed by 74% of top companies.

And just in case numbers alone don’t impress, here are some other great reasons why you should invest in Sales leadership courses;

1. Improved Team Performance

It takes only an effective leader to know how to approach a team’s needs. 

Effective leaders can inspire and guide their teams to higher levels of performance through constructive feedback and a positive team culture.

With sales leadership courses, you’ll also be able to develop strategies to boost your team’s engagement while building a sense of ownership and accountability among team members.

Teamwork can increase company sales by 27%, and that’s a feat you can only achieve when you learn.

Hear what Tom has to say about leading a sales team;

2. Enhanced Skills

Sales leadership courses help you develop critical leadership skills such as communication, strategic thinking, and decision-making. 

You’ll learn how to structure your visions, provide clear instructions, and actively listen when your team members talk. 

Prioritizing tasks and delegating responsibilities for effective time management is another skill a sales leader must develop. You must learn how to show confidence, empathy, and good authority. 

You’ll also discover new ways to mentor and coach your team in a way that prevents your interactions from developing into a mindless chore.

These skills are essential for navigating complex sales environments – You need them to help drive your team members, who will, in turn, drive your business. 

3. Career Advancement

Gaining qualifications and certifications in sales leadership doesn’t just help you manage your team; it can also enhance your resume and open doors to new career opportunities. 

You’ll gain skills that will help you increase your earning potential. Upskilling and learning will ensure you always stay competitive and ready for any new opportunity that opens up or a challenge presents itself.

Whether you’re looking to move up within your current organization or explore new avenues, these courses provide valuable credentials.

Whatever reason you might have for wanting to dive into sales leadership courses, the team at Nerdstack has got you.

Let’s explore some of the best leadership course platforms we’ve discovered, starting with a personal best!  

Top Sales Leadership Courses

1. Sales Leadership Course by HubSpot Academy

Hubspot Academy offers various courses from sales management to courses designed to help get the best out of your sales team. 

Some of the topics these courses cover include sales strategies, coaching, and performance management. 

Although still basic compared to some paid courses, Hubspot academy courses are taken by highly respected individuals in the industry, which means you will get practical and actionable insights for free.

Course Details:

  • Cost: Free.
  • Certification: You get a certification upon completion (Highly recognized).
  • Duration: 6-7 hours (Depending on the course you select.
Nerdstack Rating: B+

Why Choose HubSpot Academy?

If you’re new to sales leadership or need to refresh your fundamentals, HubSpot Academy’s Sales Leadership course would be an excellent choice. 

It’s free and easily accessible. As a participant, you can network with other learners on the platform, share experiences, and even seek advice from colleagues and instructors. 

Hubspot learning provides a solid foundation in key sales leadership concepts. However, if you’re an experienced leader looking for advanced strategies and deeper insights, you might want to supplement it with more advanced training courses.

According to a sales manager at an IT company of over 200 employees, not only has taking the Hubspot sales leadership courses helped save time by solving real-time issues, it has also helped achieve an overall positive impact on their business.

2. Sales Leadership Mastery by LinkedIn Learning

If you’re a sales leader looking to hone your leadership abilities and those of your team, look no further than LinkedIn Learning’s sales leadership mastery course. 

In just two hours, you can get a well-rounded education in topics like team motivation, strategic planning, and effective communication.

Through adopting a leadership style that is more personable and focused on the needs of your team, this course will guide you on a transformative path to becoming an outstanding coach and leader. 

The instructor offers advice on how to become a better coach, how to get your team on board, how to challenge them to perform at their best, and how to identify and develop talent through observation and feedback.

However, note that this course is not free. To gain access to the course, you must subscribe to LinkedIn Premium.

Course Details:

  • Cost: LinkedIn premium subscription.
  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours.
  • Certification: Yes, upon completion.
Nerdstack Rating: B+

Why LinkedIn Learning could be the best option for you

If you’re looking for a flexible learning schedule and a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of sales leadership, LinkedIn Learning’s Sales Leadership Mastery is an excellent choice. 

It’s particularly beneficial for those who already have a LinkedIn Learning subscription, as it provides access to a wide range of additional resources. 

Neil, a marketing director at NPU consultancy, believes LinkedIn sales leadership mastery is just what’s needed for those with little experience and a refresher for those with coaching experience, and we totally get it!

3. Strategic Sales Management Specialization by Coursera

If you need any courses in sales leadership, from the most basic to the most advanced, look no further than Coursera.

Coursera sales management specialization covers sales planning, leadership, data driving decision-making and is taught by industry experts.

The good thing about this platform is that until recently, you could always apply for financial aid, and you’d get to take any paid course free for 6 months they’d have it open. We know three to six months sounds time-consuming, but think about all the knowledge you’ll be gaining!

However, Coursera also operates subscription-based, and it recently reviewed its policies, so if you’re not a subscriber, you still have to pay 10% on every financial support you get.

Course Details:

  • Cost: Subscription-based (Coursera Plus), Free or 90% off
  • Duration: Approximately 5 months at a pace of 4 hours/week (we did say Coursera can be pretty intensive)
  • Certification: Yes, just complete every aspect of your coursework.
Nerdstack Rating: A 

Here’s what we love about Coursera

The Strategic Sales Management Specialization by Coursera is a great choice for anyone looking to get better at sales management. 

It’s offered by top university professors, so you know the information is reliable and well-researched. The course covers all the important topics you need to know, like sales strategy, team leadership, managing customer relationships, and analyzing performance, which makes it perfect for people who want to understand every part of sales management.

You can learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want! The interactive features on the platform also make learning fun and interesting.  

Additionally, Coursera offers financial aid options and free courses, so anyone can access their resources. And with their mobile app, you can learn on the go — it’s a wholesome package.

The Coursera sales management specialization provides learners with the tools to refine their sales strategies, and according to a student on Coursera, this course is perfectly designed for extraordinary salespeople who want to be the absolute BEST.

4. Advanced Sales Management by Sales Management Association

Sales Management Association is a club that helps people who work with sales teams get better at their jobs.

They do this by offering things like:

  • Help with learning and growing
  • Connecting with others in the same role
  • Sharing tips and tricks that work
  • Showing how to be a leader in sales

It’s like having a supportive community that wants you to succeed. The Sales Management Association offers advanced sales management courses aimed at experienced sales leaders.

Course Details:

  • Cost: Membership pricing ($0 to $2,765/year)
  • Duration: Limited duration, depending on your membership package. Free members have no access to courses.
  • Certification: Learners who score 100% on the quizzes get certificates.

Nerdstack Rating: A-

Why Choose Sales Management Association?

The Sales Management Association (SMA) offers a unique value proposition with its specialized environment for sales management professionals. 

Unlike other platforms that cover multiple niches, the SMA focuses exclusively on sales management and leadership. And let’s face it, a specialized approach has its perks;

First, you have a concentrated community of sales management professionals who understand the specific challenges and opportunities in the field. You also have a targeted learning and professional development opportunity. 

By focusing exclusively on sales management and leadership, the SMA guarantees you greater success in sales leadership roles.

5. Leadership Training for Managers by Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie is a leader in the workplace training and development sector, with courses tailored to build a strong foundation in leadership principles and organizational development.

Participants learn how to foster trust in their teams, resolve conflicts, and cultivate a coaching style that inspires and engages team members.

The training for managers also provides a strong foundation in knowledge ranging from people skills to sales and leadership. Also, because of the experiential learning approach, you can put your newly acquired knowledge into practice right away. 

Course Details:

  • Cost: $2,195
  • Duration: 3 days.
  • Certification: Yes, upon completion.

Nerdstack Rating: A+

Why Choose Dale Carnegie?

Dale Carnegie’s leadership training is a top choice if you’re looking for an extensive and reputable program. 

Although the high cost and significant time commitment might seem somewhat of a challenge, choosing Dale Carnegie for your leadership training means opting for a program with a proven track record.

Both in-person and virtual training are offered, and there are additional resources like webinars and podcasts organized with industry experts available to learners.

Imagine learning from a collection of global leaders for the price of one at the same time, all on the same platform! 

And it doesn’t stop there; Dale Carnegie has amassed several success stories from his past students and partnerships. 

For instance, Harris Teeter, a food and pharmacy business, no longer had employee turnover after partnering with Dale Carnegie. Instead, they were able to build an empowered, engaged team with clear paths for internal growth.

Optimizing Your Sales Leadership Journey

Now that we’ve provided you with a list of top online sales leadership courses, the task would be figuring out which to go for.

We know it can be confusing as there are just so many great choices available. However, a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t work if you want the best possible results, so you must make a careful selection.

We’ve put together a couple of factors you should consider to help navigate your selection process. Check them out below;

1. Reviewing Course Content

You want to thoroughly review the course you’re interested in before making any monetary commitments. Does it cover the skills and knowledge you need?…how about practical application examples?

Any course you select should be detailed and comprehensive. Most courses include this review section as the first video in the course, and it’s usually free. That way, you know exactly what you’re paying for.

2. Selecting Tailored Content

Not all courses are created the same or have the same content, hence, the choices.

While some might be too basic for you, others are simply too advanced. You want to ensure you’re selecting the sales leadership course that aligns with your current skill level. 

How to do this, you ask? Most courses offer free trials or limited course access; take advantage when you find one. For the courses without this order, the course descriptions usually list the topics that will be covered, so that’s a good place to start.

3. Engagement Opportunities

Every individual has a preferred teaching method. While some enjoy isolated self-paced learning, the method could be mind-numbing for others.

So, depending on yours, you might want to dig deeper into how your course of choice operates. Are there opportunities to engage with other learners through forums or study groups? 

Many courses also offer mentorship or coaching through social media platforms, which can provide additional support and guidance.

4. Continuous Improvement

The best way to solidify your new skills is to apply them. Apply your new skills and knowledge to real-world situations in your current role. Regularly check in on how you’re doing by asking for feedback from coworkers and mentors. 

By applying what you learn, you’ll reinforce your new skills and develop a growth mindset that will serve you well in your leadership journey.

Ready to Elevate Your Sales Leadership Skills?

The fastest way to becoming an effective sales leader is to invest in courses that will help you become one.

Some of these courses are even designed in a way that lets you integrate lessons into your daily activities before course completion. So, choose a course that fits your needs, dive in, and start applying what you learn.

The most exciting part? You can find the ideal course to help you achieve your goals…whether you’re looking to improve team performance, advance your career, or simply enhance your skills.

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