SaaS Sales Bootcamps: Your Path to Success in Tech Sales

Sales careers have evolved considerably over the years. While your grandparents’ generation went door-to-door selling vacuum cleaners and encyclopedia sets, today’s top sales professionals sell software as a service (SaaS), often from the comfort of their own homes.

In the fast-paced world of software sales, standing out requires a blend of technical knowledge and exceptional sales skills. Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re already familiar with the basics, SaaS sales bootcamps can equip you with the tools and techniques you need to excel in this competitive field.

Do you want to become a sales engineer, sales development representative (SDR), or SaaS sales leader? There’s a bootcamp tailored to your unique needs. That said, not all bootcamps are created equal, so how do you know which ones are the real deal and which might be a waste of your time?

Here at NerdStack, we’ve dug into the details of all the leading bootcamps, providing apples-to-apples comparisons to determine the most valuable options. This guide explores the best SaaS sales bootcamps available, detailing their content, benefits, and real-life examples of success.

Are you ready to transform your career and boost your earnings? Let’s figure out which SaaS sales bootcamp is the right fit for you!

Why Enroll in a SaaS Sales Bootcamp?

Accelerated Learning

SaaS sales bootcamps offer intensive, focused training programs that can fast-track your career. Instead of spending years in traditional education, you can acquire the necessary skills in a matter of weeks or months.

That said, some of these programs are far more reputable than others, and the last thing you want to do is sink a bunch of time, energy, and money into a bootcamp that’s less than 100% legit. That’s why we created this guide to help you find the best programs for your career goals!

Practical Skills

Instead of traditional classroom techniques, these bootcamps emphasize hands-on learning. You’ll work on real-world projects, participate in simulations, and receive feedback from industry experts.

This practical approach helps ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running. Why spend years reading dry, boring textbooks when you can learn industry secrets from leading SaaS sales professionals in a fraction of the time?

Career Opportunities

Graduating from a reputable SaaS sales bootcamp can open doors to lucrative career opportunities. Many programs have strong industry connections and offer job placement assistance, helping you secure a position quickly.

Some of these bootcamps don’t even require you to make an upfront payment! They’re so confident in their programs’ success rates that you can learn in-demand skills today and pay them back once you land your dream job.

Top SaaS Sales Bootcamps

1. Prehired Science-Based Sales Bootcamp

If you’re familiar with our content, you know that NerdStack focuses heavily on assessing value based on pricing and features. If you’re going to charge a premium price, you’d better have the features to back it up! Thankfully, Prehired is a company that does exactly that.

Prehired offers a comprehensive SaaS sales bootcamp called Science-Based Sales that trains people to become successful sales engineers. The program covers everything from technical skills to sales strategies.

Prehired is one of the most respected and reputable SaaS sales bootcamp providers available today, but you don’t have to take our word (or theirs!) for it. Prehired’s YouTube channel has dozens of video interviews with program graduates sharing their success stories.

  • Content: Sales engineering fundamentals, technical skills, sales strategies, CRM tools
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Cost: $12,000 (with various financing options)
  • Certification: Yes, upon completion
  • Pros: Strong focus on sales engineering, comprehensive curriculum, job placement assistance
  • Cons: High cost, intensive commitment
  • Grade: “A” for comprehensive training and job placement support

Why Choose Prehired?

Prehired is ideal if you want to transition into a sales engineering role. The program’s focus on technical skills and sales strategies provides a balanced education, and the job placement assistance can help you secure a position quickly.

In addition, if you’re a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, Prehired has an awesome offer. Through their $0-upfront payment plans, you won’t owe Prehired a dime until after you’ve already landed your job in SaaS sales!

Even after you finish paying them back for your training, you still get access to Prehired’s extensive suite of membership benefits, including exclusive members-only networking opportunities, one-on-one mentoring, job references from your mentors, live training sessions with subject-matter experts, and much more.

Real-Life Example

Prehired boasts a high job placement rate — more than 90% of members are hired within one year of completing the program. For instance, a graduate named Alex transitioned from a teaching career to a sales engineering role at a leading tech company, significantly increasing his income and job satisfaction. You can find dozens of additional real-life examples on Prehired’s YouTube channel.

2. SV Academy Tech Sales Bootcamp

When it comes to getting bang for your buck, it’s tough to top SV Academy. This organization has no upfront fees for individuals or businesses — in other words, they don’t get paid unless they successfully place candidates in jobs. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

SV Academy’s offerings are a bit broader than some competing SaaS bootcamp providers, as they also offer customer success training in addition to sales engineering programs. These programs include mentorship, practical exercises, and job placement support.

It’s worth noting that SV Academy has excellent reviews from program graduates, with hundreds of reviews and an impressive 4.8 average out of 5 stars.

  • Content: Sales fundamentals, CRM tools, lead generation, sales communication, customer success
  • Duration: 4 weeks (full-time) or 12 weeks (part-time)
  • Cost: Free (income share agreement after job placement)
  • Certification: Yes, upon completion
  • Pros: No upfront cost, mentorship, job placement support
  • Cons: Requires income share agreement and intensive training
  • Grade: “A” for accessibility and comprehensive training

Why Choose SV Academy?

SV Academy is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an accessible entry point into tech sales or client experience roles. The no-upfront-cost model reduces your financial risk, and the strong emphasis on mentorship and job placement provides the support you need to succeed.

Additionally, even though customer reviews aren’t the be-all-end-all (at least in our opinion), it certainly helps that SV Academy shines in this area. It seems like employers and learners alike value SV Academy’s well-rounded services. We also appreciate the opportunity to learn customer success skills, as many competitors don’t offer this type of training.

Real-Life Example

A recent graduate, Maria, credited SV Academy with helping her land a sales role at a top SaaS company, where she quickly became one of the top performers in her team.

To date, SV Academy has placed sales and client experience professionals at more than 500 companies! Yes, you read that right…five hundred companies! It’s hard to argue with a track record this extensive.

3. Aspireship SaaS Sales Training

Aspireship offers two SaaS sales training programs to help individuals break into the SaaS sales industry — the 20-hour “SaaS Sales Foundations” intro-level course and the advanced “SaaS Sales Intensive” course, which takes 12-18 weeks. The programs include video-based courses, practical exercises, and job placement support.

Regardless of which program you choose, you can add the Aspireship Plus program for a one-time fee of $299. This add-on offers discounts on the SaaS Sales Intensive course, an exclusive Slack community with fellow learners and program graduates, access to all entry-level “Foundations” courses, and a certification program.

But that’s not all! Similar to SV Academy, Aspireship also offers customer success programs, and they even provide business-to-business (B2B) marketing courses, revenue operations classes, and more.

We also appreciate how Aspireship has some free resources available to anyone — you don’t even need to be an Aspireship member! For example, we’re impressed by the company’s YouTube videos that address various issues in the tech industry, like handling interviews, navigating layoffs, and more.

  • Content: SaaS sales fundamentals, sales techniques, CRM tools, role-playing exercises, B2B marketing, customer success
  • Duration: Self-paced (typically either 4 weeks or 12-18 weeks, depending on your program)
  • Cost: SaaS Sales Foundations is free (SaaS Sales Intensive course has variable pricing)
  • Certification: Yes (only available for “SaaS Sales Intensive” and “Aspireship Plus” members)
  • Pros: Free intro-level program, self-paced, job placement support
  • Cons: Self-paced might lack accountability for some learners, SaaS Sales Intensive course can be expensive
  • Grade: “A-” for flexibility and accessibility

Why Choose Aspireship?

Aspireship is perfect if you need a flexible learning schedule. The self-paced format allows you to complete the training at your own pace, and the free cost makes the intro-level program accessible to everyone. That said, self-paced programs might not be for every learner, especially people who struggle to find motivation without a set schedule.

Beyond the SaaS sales courses, Aspireship also offers programs in the following areas:

  • Customer Success
  • B2B Marketing
  • Revenue Operations
  • Sales Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Talent Acquisition

Long story short — even if SaaS sales isn’t the niche you want to pursue, it’s highly likely that one of Aspireship’s other offerings will appeal to you!

Real-Life Example

A graduate named Sarah used Aspireship’s training to transition from retail to SaaS sales, landing a job at a rapidly growing SaaS company within two months of completing the course.

In addition to Aspireship’s job placement efforts, the organization also hosts a talent marketplace where anyone can create a profile and match with companies looking for help, whether you’ve taken any Aspireship courses or not! We really appreciate how Aspireship makes its resources accessible to such a wide variety of job-seekers.

4. MemoryBlue Academy

Are you looking for a more affordable SaaS sales training program, without sacrificing many valuable features? MemoryBlue Academy might be the perfect fit for you! This course takes 5-6 weeks and has a flat fee of $1,500. There’s no need to spend $10k+ on your course or share your hard-earned paychecks down the line.

MemoryBlue Academy offers a structured sales training program that prepares individuals for successful careers in tech sales. The program emphasizes practical skills and job placement.

Unlike some other options, MemoryBlue Academy isn’t a self-paced program. You’ll need to sign up for one of their bootcamps, which take place over three consecutive half-days. Upon completion, you’ll participate in five weeks of daily huddles “to create actionable strategies” and set accountability goals, and you’ll also have weekly reports with your program manager.

Like Aspireship, MemoryBlue doesn’t limit its extensive resources to subscribers or members. Instead, they offer a vast array of free features, like the always-helpful advice on their regular podcast, “Tech Sales Is for Hustlers.” Check it out before you apply for the program to see if the topics align with your career goals!

  • Content: Sales fundamentals, prospecting, CRM tools, role-playing exercises
  • Duration: 5-6 weeks
  • Cost: $1,500 (with financing options)
  • Certification: Yes, upon completion
  • Pros: Practical training, job placement support, experienced instructors
  • Cons: No free version, shorter duration than some competitors
  • Grade: “B+” for practical focus and job placement support

Why Choose MemoryBlue Academy?

MemoryBlue Academy is ideal if you prefer a structured, practical approach to learning. The program’s emphasis on role-playing and hands-on exercises prepares you for real-world sales situations. And, even though it’s not a self-paced course, MemoryBlue holds two bootcamps each month, so it’s not hard to fit one into even the busiest of schedules.

While we weren’t able to find a ton of reviews for MemoryBlue Academy, most of the ones we did find were positive, which is always a plus. Overall, even though there isn’t a free version of MemoryBlue Academy as you’ll find with some competitors like Aspireship, we think $1,500 is a very fair price to pay for the wealth of knowledge you’ll gain.

Real-Life Example

A participant, John, used the skills he learned at MemoryBlue Academy to secure a sales role at a top tech company, where he quickly excelled and earned a promotion within six months.

MemoryBlue has a more impressive overall track record than many competitors, as the company has been around for 20+ years and served 2,000+ clients. Their website even states that they’ve placed more than 450 current sales development representatives, which is an impressive statistic!

The Human Touch in SaaS Sales Training

Quality Control

Reviewing Course Content: When choosing a bootcamp, it’s crucial to review the content thoroughly and make sure it covers the skills and knowledge areas you need. Also, check if the bootcamp offers practical applications and real-world examples. Finally, read reviews and check placement statistics to ensure your chosen program is reputable and legit!


Tailoring Learning to Your Needs: Not all bootcamps are created equal. Some might be too basic, while others might be too advanced. Choose a bootcamp that aligns with your current skill level and career goals. Consider taking advantage of free trials or sample lessons when available.

Additionally, consider whether you’d prefer a self-paced course or one with set days and times. Different people learn in different ways, so choose a program that matches your motivation level and availability!


Staying Engaged and Motivated: Learning online can sometimes feel isolating. Engage with other learners through forums, study groups, or social media to stay motivated. Many bootcamps also offer mentorship or coaching, which can provide additional support and guidance.

We also appreciate programs that offer Slack channels and chat rooms for learners to connect with each other and their mentors. This feature can help fight off some of the isolation that can occur with remote learning.

Continuous Improvement

Applying What You Learn: The best way to solidify your new skills is to apply them. Look for opportunities within your current role to implement what you’ve learned. Regularly review and reflect on your progress, and seek feedback from peers and mentors. Of course, the best SaaS sales bootcamps have robust job placement resources, but it never hurts to do your own legwork either!

Ready to Take the Next Step in Your SaaS Sales Career?

Investing in a SaaS sales bootcamp is a crucial step toward becoming a successful sales professional, even if you don’t have any experience or formal education in the industry. These programs offer valuable insights and practical strategies to help you excel in the tech sales industry. Whether you’re looking to break into the field, enhance your skills, or advance your career, there’s a bootcamp that fits your needs.

Ready to take the next step? Explore these top bootcamps and start your journey to becoming a successful SaaS sales professional today!

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