Creating Anime Magic with AI Art Prompts

Anime buffs, listen up – AI has opened up a whole new world of creativity for you. Since the introduction of AI art generators, crafting original anime scenes and characters has never been easier or more accessible. The styles at your disposal? Endless possibilities.

Here are some tips and tricks to get your creative juices flowing to create anime magic with AI prompts.

Tips for Writing AI Anime Art Prompts

To create perfect prompts, start by setting the scene.

How do you want it to look—hair, eyes, expression, facial features, even the type of clothing?

What backgrounds do you want to see?

Mood and atmosphere prompts are also important.

The main thing is to start by building a framework.

Simplicity is the Real MVP

When has overcomplication ever worked with machine learning?

AI is still fairly new, so keep your prompts simple — around 3 to 7 words per prompt is the golden ticket.

Remember, you can always add more details later, but establishing the foundation of the character should take simple and concise instructions.

Use Colorful Language

For sketch artists, creating anime characters like Monkey D. Luffy and Light Yagami took endless drafts and versions to perfect. The artist had the vision in their head and simply had to put pen to paper.

Using AI, you must use descriptive language to formulate the image you’re imagining.

Using descriptive adjectives, like “sullen, gloomy, and ominous,” rather than “sad,” can transform a basic image into a dramatic scene from your favorite graphic novel.

Edit, Revise, and Rework

Creating the prompt is Step 1, but your work doesn’t stop there.

The rough draft may be just that — rough. Practice makes perfect (hence the term machine learning), so feed your bot as many tweaks and edits as necessary.

Some AI tools have built-in prompt editors so you can tweak instructions like lighting, mood, perspective, and colors. Nightcafe Creator, Midjourney, and Dream by WOMBO are just a few platforms that include prompt editors.

AI prompts are a lot like dating.

By your second or third (or tenth) attempt, you both may feel more comfortable, you’ve established a line of communication, and everybody gets what they want.

Be Clear on Style

Decide what style and vibe you want before you begin creating your prompt.

Lean into popular styles like Kawaii or Realistic to evoke the beauty and energy of these style characters.

Want an original piece with a Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli vibe? Just toss in “Studio Ghibli” in your prompt and see what AI comes up with.

Checkout this video on 5 Tips to Create Better AI Anime Art…

Best AIs for AI Art Anime Prompts

AI tools become more advanced every day, and the ones that are used the most tend to yield better, more accurate results.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for AI, so don’t expect to find one.

The diamond in the rough, however? That we can help you find.


MyEdit anime art prompt

For beginners, this tool might be a good place to start.

The interface is user-friendly and it can generate anime quickly and easily.

MyEdit also has a free plan.


Fotor anime art prompt

This is a second option for anime beginners.

If you need to create some anime art in a pinch this is another user-friendly tool.


DALL-E3 AI art

Powered by the slightly controversial Chat-GPT, DALL-E is (we’re assuming) a play on Disney’s favorite robot tasked with cleaning up Earth after humanity destroyed it with trash.

DALL-E is a neural network trained to create stunning images from text, using data sets of text-image pairing.

This tool’s visual learning design is such that it can create unique attributes and subjects given the right language.

For example, anime characters have a distinct look, and DALL-E takes what it already knows about the genre to craft the image you’re looking for.

Some features you’ll love with DALL-E are its ability to create highly realistic images and its use of multiple artistic styles.

The conceptual fusion and control are impressive, and it has an outpainting feature.


MidJourney anime art prompt

Using Midjourney, you enter a prompt, select an art style, and watch your anime vision come to life.

You can upload photos for reference to help the AI have a solid understanding of what you’re looking for, or leave it to its own devices and see what it creates.

You’ll love Midjourney’s features, which include text-to-image generation, artistic style mastery, and detailed control.

Similar to DALL-E, it also has outpainting features.


StarryAI anime art prompt

Starryai is not only easy to use but also the group’s overachiever.

Using this AI, you can create anime art in bulk and decide which character iteration best fits your vision.

Starryai offers a wide range of styles. That, along with a prompt builder to refine your vision and an intuitive interface, makes it stand out.

Also, the fact that they offer a free tier, so anyone can experiment with it.

Nightcafe Creator

Anime art prompts NightCafe

With detailed prompts and a variety of settings to modify your results, Nightcafe Creator has a nice variety of artistic styles.


NovelAI anime art prompt

Known for its attention to detail, NovelAI has the best ability to create very high-quality anime.

It has an in-depth prompt customization feature as well and is perfect for more advanced users.

Hunting down the perfect AI art generator to match your vibe might take some exploration, but if you’re anything like your favorite anime character, you know the journey is half the fun.

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion anime art prompt

Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI art generator that creates images, videos, and animations based on prompts.

Through transfer learning, Stable Diffusion helps cut down revisions and can generate your ideal image in five or less iterations.

DaVinci AI

DaVinci anime art prompt

Generate unique anime artwork using DaVinci AI, the latest realistic photo and art generator.

For specific anime characters and styles, you can upload a photo for the AI to use as a reference.

The latest state-of-the-art AI technology creates photorealistic images of your favorite anime characters, or create your own from scratch.

The advanced version of DaVinci offers users access to multiple AI art generators at once, including Midjourney, DALL-E 3, and Stable Diffusion XL.

NerdStack’s Pick

For all things anime, NerdStack’s pick is Midjourney.

It’s not overly complex, but will take some practice for beginners.

You’ll have an abundance of options when it comes to artistic style, ensuring your anime characters look and feel exactly how you envisioned.

Before diving into the world of AI art, keep tabs on NerdStack for juicy content about the newest tech trends and innovations.

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