10 Best White Label SEO Dashboard Tools

Competing for rank on search engines can feel like a thankless job. However, failing to have an SEO strategy is not an option if you want to exist online.

There’s a way to improve your rankings by building a well-oiled SEO strategy with the right dashboard, some of which offer white-label versions that match your brand’s identity.

SEO dashboard tools can help you elevate your pitches, marketing slide decks, and performance reports with important data but make them unique, on-brand, and data-driven.

Here are the 10 Best white-label SEO Dashboard tools:

10 White-Label SEO Dashboard Tools That Work

This is our humble list of the best in the biz.

1. AccuRanker: The niche queen

AccuRanker specializes in niche reporting, making your brand’s value-add feel seen and heard by your audience.

AccuRanker white-label SEO dashboard

This SEO reporting dashboard focuses on SERP and keyword rankings, and any report generated through AccuRanker can be customized and rebranded for your company’s needs.

It offers in-depth keyword rank tracking across the web and from all different search engines. You’ll also enjoy how your website stacks up against competitors on specific keywords and where you can improve.

Enjoy advanced filtering and data segmentation to analyze the way your site is performing based on various criteria, and even integrate with other tools like Google’s Looker Studio to accurately visualize your ranking and progress.

2. Agency Analytics: Built for (you guessed it) agencies

Agency Analytics offers a robust set of reporting tools for critical SEO metrics. Any report generated using Agency Analytics software can be given custom logos and branding, guaranteeing your clients’ jaws will be on the floor after every meeting.

Agency Analytics white-label SEO dashboard

The drag-and-drop interface offered by AgencyAnalytics allows you to create customized reports for each client that include all relevant SEO metrics and data.

Using Agency, you can pull data from various sources, including Google Analytics and other keyword rankers, and monitor organic traffic, backlinking, and engagement.

3. Cyfe: The data mashup monster

Cyfe is a fully customizable, all-in-one business dashboard that allows brands to monitor their site performance, social media, analytics, sales, and support from one hub.

Cyfe white-label SEO dashboard

Pre-built widgets can pull data from over 100 popular integrations while securely displaying data from custom internal or external sources.

Cyfe integrates with the most effective platforms available, including Google Analytics, Moz, SEMrush, and more. Provide real-time and historical data from all these sources (and then some) to provide a full-picture visual of your digital performance.

Cyfe’s white-label features are there to assist you in delivering a branded and professional experience while being able to manage multiple clients with data transparency.

4. DashThis: The showboat extraordinaire

DashThis is one of the top full-service SEO dashboards money can buy, but it’ll cost you. The platform is simple to use, with highly readable and customizable reports. Connect to important data sources, including Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Ads, and more, to showcase important KPIs and how your strategies are operating.

DashThis white-label SEO dashboard

You can schedule automated reporting at various intervals using DashThis to keep clients in the loop and showcase your expertise and progress. Add text, annotations, comments, and more to your reports to help clarify the meaning of the data for those who aren’t SEO-savvy.

5. Moz: Fancy schmancy, but it’ll cost ya

Moz boasts higher rankings, quality traffic, and measurable results, but here’s the catch — access to its tailored white-label reports requires a costly monthly subscription. The basic data will help you identify SERP opportunities and keyword gaps for your marketing strategy.

Moz white-label SEO dashboard

Aside from reporting, Moz offers recommendations based on your site’s performance so you can improve your strategy and utilize other mechanics to hit your goals. You can also segment important data points, including location, page type, and domain, to gain more insight into various pages on your website.

6. Raven Tools: The fully branded experience

Raven Tools offers white-label, branded reports for all your efforts with a helpful drag-and-drop editor. Automate standard reporting efforts, including SEO, PPC, social media, email, and call tracking, into compelling, on-brand reports that help clients and teams visualize your progress and success.

Raven Tools white-label SEO dashboard

This platform also stores your historical data to fill in the gaps while pulling in data from various other tools like Google Analytics, Moz, and Search Console. The customizable marketing reports offer helpful insights on where you can improve site performance, compare against competitors, and view data based on your specific needs.

7. Reportz: Where intuitive meets automation

Reportz lives and dies by the notion that reporting wastes valuable time, and they’ve built a platform that automates this task for you. Its highly customizable dashboards and intuitive layout make the learning curve as basic as your last food post on Instagram.

Reportz white-label SEO dashboard

Monitor your site with its real-time data and enjoy seamless integrations with the big players, including Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. You can easily report on backlinks, organic traffic, PPC, keyword performance, and more.

8. Semrush: Robust and Powerful

There’s a reason Semrush is the most widely used SEO measuring tool online. It does it all, from SEO dashboards to social media marketing, content management, and competitor research. Ultimately, Semrush is ideal for any business or agency to flex.

SEMRush white-label SEO dashboard

Complete site audits, track keywords and visualize your organic traffic using SEMRush’s SEO Health Score. Create your own SEO widgets that track metrics that matter to your business and display them on your dash to help you reach your goals.

Build completely customized dashboards with your own branding so you can create consistency with clients. Reports are also customizable in terms of data points and you can also schedule them for regular delivery. You also have the ability to grant clients access at different levels so they can have the information at their fingertips.

9. SE Ranking: An entrepreneur’s new right-hand

SE Ranking guides entrepreneurs and SMBs through SEO with a step-by-step marketing plan, an SEO site audit, keyword tracking, and more. It offers all the essential SEO tracking tools that agencies, startups, and one-man shows need to scale.

SE Ranking white-label SEO dashboard

Enjoy SEO traffic forecasts with SE Ranking’s tools, generate site audit reports to improve your ranking potential, and monitor keyword ranking progress over time to determine issues that need to be addressed.

10. WebCEO: A vintage classic

WebCEO has been around for years, solidifying its rep as an SEO dashboard powerhouse. With 23 pro-level SEO software tools, metric notifications, and custom reports with blended data, WebCEO gives new meaning to “trust your elders.”

WebCEO white-label SEO dashboard

The WebCEO white-label features allow you to add your own custom branding. You can generate SEO reports with a drag-and-drop report builder and can choose the data fields you want the customer to see. The reseller potential of this platform is also a bonus in terms of functionality.

Whether you need a quick SEO dashboard for overview purposes or a Technical SEO dashboard to get into the nitty-gritty, WebCEO offers both with its customizable dashboard functionality. Create custom widgets that monitor your various SEO goals and add them to your workflow with ease.

Which White-Label Option Do We Recommend?

In terms of scaleability and efficiency SEMrush is a clear choice for strategic SEO. In terms of a budget-conscious option for agencies and smaller teams, WebCEO is a great choice. However, Cyfe is our number one choice if you’re looking for a great solution that focuses on client collaboration and offers state-of-the-art data visualization.

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