Comparing the 10 Best SEO Dashboard Software for Reporting

If you’re like most business owners, you’re leveraging SEO to push organic traffic to your website — but are you tracking your progress in a meaningfulway? SEO can be mysterious…but it doesn’t have to be.

In this guide, we’ll compare…what we think…are the 10 best SEO Dashboard Software for reporting (and give you some tips and tricks that will help make reporting easier and more streamlined).

We know we know…not another “listicle”. But trust us…we’ve used each of these tools extensively, identified the strengths and weaknesses of each and give our recommendation. So if SEO (and reporting on that SEO data) is important to you…you’re going to save a lot of time and money by sticking with us.

Using SEO Dashboards

From backlinks to a comprehensive analysis of organic traffic and even the details of competitors’ activities, an SEO dashboard can do it all but the use case is different for every business. Are you a marketing agency reporting on your SEO work for multiple clients? Or are you a business owner who wants better insight into your data so that you can know where you spend the ever important marketing dollar?

Depending on your own situation…some tools may not have the functionality you need (whitelabeling, team member seats, etc) and others may simple price themselves out. We cover all of this and more…Here are the 10 best according to the Nerdstack team.

Let’s get started with a few of our favorite “Silver Tier” tools… and some that you may not have heard about yet.

Silver Tier: Dashboard Tools With Limited Functionality

If you’ve been a reader for a while now…you’ll know…we’re heavy focused on price and feature set.

In the silver tier in our opinion…the price point just doesn’t match the feature set. Let’s dive in.

1. Raven Tools: Flexibility & Convenience

To round out the offering we wanted to also highlight some tools that we thought had some good features but are still lacking. Raven Tools (of TapClicks) does offer impressive reporting flexibility, so your team will always know where the business stands from a performance perspective.

This dashboard tool provides automated reporting that covers all the SEO essentials, including SERP rankings, backlinks, and keyword rankings. Raven Tools has both SEO and marketing features, so while you’re researching keywords, tracking your rankings, and analyzing your backlinks, you can also manage your social media, PPC, and email marketing and review your reports and analytics.

This is relatively a good tool for SEO with a lot of position indicators and websites included in the base plans but the feature set, integrations and overall usability just aren’t up to par with what we’d want to see.

Some of the key features of Raven Tools:

  • Highly intuitive, easy-to-read graphics and reports
  • Reports can be shared in multiple formats (PDF, CSV, HTML)
  • Customizable reports and widgets for compelling data presentation

Nerdstack Rating: C+

2. Reportz

Reportz offers unlimited automated reporting for its users in conjunction with a friendly interface. The learning curve is a breeze—a major selling point for marketers who are already wearing too many hats but overall it is pretty basic offering. The report designs and nothing to write home about either.

Reports snapshot of their features

Reportz is growing its list of integrations to let businesses customize their dashboards however they choose. We weren’t actually able to connect our SEMrush account but they do list it with a native integration…YMMV. With Reportz, you can connect to both Analytics and Search Console, as well as other SEO software tools.

It lives up to its name with customizable report creation, unlimited widgets, and simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Reportz Key Features:

  • Real-time data updates
  • Affordable and customizable payment plans
  • Highly customizable dashboards

Reportz pricing is a “per dashboard” pricing so it is very easy to scale up or down depending on your specific needs.

Nerdstack Rating: B-

Next up is our Gold Tier

Gold Tier: The Up and Comers

*Medium Feature Set, Decent Price

1. DashThis

If you love integrations and real-time data updates, DashThis is the software for you! This SEO dashboard also makes it easy to view every marketing channel’s data, metrics, and performance in one central place, providing easy-to-understand results.

DashThis has 34+ native integrations, including Google Analytics and Facebook. It also integrates with other SEO Dashboards, including Ahrefs and SEMrush.

Another great feature is the pre-built widgets and templates that will save you time and cover all the KPIs you need across pretty much every marketing channel, whether it’s ads, organic, or social media. These templates use a drag-and-drop function that allows you to customize them as needed and include custom branding.

You can set up automated reports through DashThis, which allows for multiuser access and secure sharing.

The things you’ll love about DashThis are:

  • Robust set of reports and analytic tools
  • 34 native integrations with marketing platforms (though they are missing some important ones)
  • Preset dash widgets for custom or standard reports
  • A highly user-friendly interface

You can also use DashThis to create compelling KPI reports that paint the whole picture of your marketing efforts from top to bottom. Their mobile app even allows you to monitor these from your smartphone. They are reasonably price but I would honestly expect it to be a little less given they don’t have some key native integrations (looking at you SEMrush) but ultimately the value is there. Dashthis is solid!

Nerdstack Rating: B

4. SE Ranking

SE Ranking offers super-detailed reporting covering every SEO metric you can imagine. Whether you want to do keyword rank tracking, keyword research or competitor analysis SE Ranking does all of this.

The on-page SEO checker, giving you the ability to check individual pages, is one of the most used features. However, you can also use SE Ranking for backlink monitoring, link building and even use it to edit content for necessary SEO elements key to ranking.

Bonus: it has a native integration with Looker Studio…so those those of you…like me who prefer free dashboards…SE Ranking can link right up pretty easily. Here’s a quick video that demonstrates how.

Some things about SE Ranking you’ll love:

  • Great for agencies
  • Reports available in PDF, XLS, and HTML
  • All-inclusive website monitoring and reporting

Nerdstack Rating: B+

Check out this great overview video on SEranking’s reporting features. It’s pretty strong.

Now let’s take a look at some of the main SEO dashboard tools on the market. Ahrefs, SEMrush, Agency Analytics, and Google.

5. Moz

Moz offers many freebies, from domain analysis and keyword research (perfect for getting your website ranked) to premium paid analytics tools.

With Moz, you’ll find a variety of options for SEO keyword and link building, on-page optimization, technical SEO, rank tracking, and competitive analysis. 

Another thing you might like about Moz is the educational and support resources called Moz Academy and the Moz Community.

The key features we think you’ll love about Moz:

  • Available reporting across a wide range of search engines
  • Automated reporting
  • Three SEO solutions to choose from
  • Free tools are also available through the Moz platform

Nerdstack Rating: B+

Platinum Tier: The Heavy Hitters

*(Full Features but a Big Price Tag)

6. Ahrefs: The Swiss Army Knife

Ahrefs is a major player in the space and it’s not a suprize to anyone that it’s listed here. It is ideal for businesses of all sizes, but it’s a great choice for entrepreneurs and those just starting to get their feet wet with all the data and site metrics of seo campaigns from the jump.

Some of the core features of Ahrefs include:

1. Site audits to find things like mobile issues, slow loading times, and broken links.

View the Ahrefs Site Audit Overview Video Here

2. Keyword research so that you can find the exact keyword that works best for your topic, page, or site and the ability to sort depending on volume, competition, and other factors.

Site Audit tool at Ahrefs

3. The ability to analyze backlinks and intel, such as the total number, broken links, referring domains, and how you fare compared to competitors. They also have a free backlink checker tool you can access here:

4. One area that we love Ahrefs is the content explorer feature so you can locate information to build your content strategy that uses social media analytics, organic traffic, and backlinks. They do a great job with content gap analysis.

Some of the key features of Ahrefs worth mentioning are:

  • Domain rating & organic traffic monitoring
  • Competitor keyword monitoring
  • Dedicated folders for separate projects
  • Compatible with Google Search Console tools

If you want to do a deep backlink dive, really granular keyword and content research this might be the right tool for you. The basic package (called Lite) starts at around $99/month.

It’s not the most affordable…especially if you’re managing multiple accounts and have to pay for a plan above and beyond the Lite package but the dashboards look great and it’s an awesome overall tool

Nerdstack Rating: B+

7. Agency Analytics: The Agency Reporting Platform

Some agencies struggle to showcase the impact their deliverables have on certain clients.

Agency Analytics is a solid choice, offering customizable dashboards and automated reporting.

Some great client-facing features of this software include white labeling, the ability to set up automated reporting and dashboards, and reporting that is fully customizable. You can even give your clients direct access.

If you need something that is a multi-client management solution, look no further. This software also integrates with advertising tools such as Google and Facebook.

Goal tracking is another feature that Agency Analytics uses to make sure that marketing campaigns are on track and producing results.

Some of our favorite features of Agency Analytics are:

  • Fully customizable reports
  • Automated scheduled reporting
  • Smooth integration with Google software
  • Available CRM and project management tools

Nerdstack Rating: B

8. Databox

Databox empowers teams and businesses to centralize all their marketing data in one secure platform and provides the tools to visualize, track, and report on it.

This software offers a number of SEO-specific features that give you access to deep-dive insights not found on many other platforms. Some of these include the ability to analyze insights for individual website pages or even a group of pages. With historical data tracking, you can see if your SEO efforts are achieving a result and get alerts so you’re aware of keyword drops and SEO issues.

Some of the things you’ll love about Databox include:

  • Simple integration with tons of other SEO platforms and software
  • Wide range of customizable reporting solutions
  • Free plan and free trial available

Nerdstack Rating: B+

9. SEMRush

Semrush provides over 55 tools and reports to boost your SEO, from rank tracking and link building to competitor analysis, local SEO, and everything in between. The keyword research used allows you to sort the data by various parameters, including volume, difficulty, CPC [cost per click], intent, and much more.

While Semrush’s SEO features are impressive, to say the least, they’ve also created a number of content marketing tools like topic research, content templates, and even writing assistance. You can even manage PPC through the software, schedule social media, and do market research.

Some of the key features that Semrush offers:

  • Excellent report customization
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Track and analyze competitor websites and marketing strategies
  • Create and schedule white-labeled or branded reports

Nerdstack Rating: A

10. Google Analytics & Looker Studio

Of course, Google has its own SEO analytics tool that has been around for almost 19 years. Identify traffic sources, get user acquisition analysis, and track behavior across your website. Best of all, it’s free!

Google Analytics is something you need regardless of what SEO dashboard you use. It integrates with the majority of SEO software out there, helping users track traffic acquisition and user behavior, set up conversation tracking and goal management, integrate with Google Ads, and give audience insight and reporting.

Key Features of Google Analytics:

  • Free to use
  • Easy and familiar interface
  • Can integrate with most other SEO tools

Our Recommendation for “Go-To” SEO Dashboard?

Our recommendation? It depends who you are but our all-time favorite has been SEMrush, hands down.

That being said, no matter what SEO Dashboard you feel fits your business needs best, each one of these options is constantly evolving, providing more tracking, analytics, and management data than ever before.

Want to stay current on the latest news and trends in tech? Give NerdStack a follow for all the latest updates and trends. We’ve got your back for more tech goodness!

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